Personal Protection Equipment

Here is what you should wear:

  • Your shoes are very important and should be tough like hiking boots or steel toed boots, but most of all they need to have a thick sole to protect you from nails and metal.
  • Your pants should be long to protect your legs, but shorts are allowed.
  • Your shirt should be lightweight and made of cotton or a cotton blend. Avoid dark colors. Also, it is wise to bring a change of shirts due to possibility of getting wet.
  • You should wear socks to protect against blisters and athlete's feet.
  • A wide brim hat can reduce sweat from getting in your eyes.
  • Heavy gloves to protect your hands.


Here are some additional things that can help the day go smoother:

  • Sunscreen
  • Personal sunglasses (no glass lenses)
  • Small cooler for drinks and or snacks
  • Towel to dry yourself


What we provide:

  • Generic safety glasses
  • Ear plugs
  • Gloves (Size limited)
  • Chaps for use of chainsaw
  • Masks to protect from concrete and brick dust
  • Band-aids and first aid kits.
  • Hard hats