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Testimonials From Your Tallahassee & Leon County Neighbors

I can’t thank Dickerson Landscaping enough. Lend me your reading eyes for a moment. They transformed my yard, from “yikes, ugh” to not just Wow!, but WOW!!! After a major plumbing job, the yard already small seemed to have disappeared during the repair (water erosion and all that comes with erosion and septic tank issues).

I knew repairing the yard would be a challenge. After searching day-in and out for a company who could take my vision, draw my vision, and present it to me, my heart melted. That was A+. A++ in cost and the end product deserves an award for the excellent work Dickerson Landscaping did with my yard. Landscaping, hardscape (pavers) and retaining wall, well thought out plant/shrubs placements and sod. I now have more space than I could ever have imagined.

To top it off, Mr. Dickerson truly cares about his companies work, so noticed a few days later arriving home, a gentleman was walking around and inspecting the yard. I thought it was another neighbor admiring the beauty of the work we had done. The gentleman extends his hand and introduces himself as Mr. Dickerson. Was I floored…yes!!! Professional, Personable, quiet-spoken, and super knowledgeable about everything nature. Thank you again so much, Mr. Dickerson and to your staff, for its friendly service.

Lurea S. -Tallahassee

I had previously used another lawn and landscaping service and became dissatisfied with their service. I hired Dickerson Landscaping earlier this year to do a “Spring Cleanup” and to do continuing lawn and shrub maintenance (mowing, weed removal, edging, trimming, etc.). The difference in the quality of the service I am now receiving from Dickerson compared to what I was receiving is remarkable.

The Dickerson crew shows up when they are supposed to, assesses what needs to be done, completes the services required … and then does a complete walk through to make sure that everything is done to their high standards. And check this out – My normal service day is Thursday and I had a party scheduled on a Saturday. It rained the entire week before the party so the Dickerson crew could not cut the grass and trim the bushes on Thursday.

They came back on Friday to see if the rain would at least slow down (it didn’t) and then they came back – again – at 8 AM Saturday morning when the rain finally stopped to make sure that everything was cut and trimmed and spruced up for the party. The guests were amazed at how great the landscaping looked … I was amazed that Chris and his crew were more worried about how my place looked than I was!

Bill Knepper  -Tallahassee

Wowwwww… I *love* my new yard design. Dickerson Landscaping did a great job from start to finish. And this was a tough one, too. I wanted a low-water-use nearly-xeriscape, featuring rocks and some plants, but it had to be low maintenance and also jazz up the too boring, traditional look of my house.

Also, I am ignorant about plants and plant care, and I travel a lot, so it had to be a self-sufficient yard. To compound the problem, I am not wealthy, so I knew I’d have to plan for stages of work to be done. Well, they came through on every count: a totally creative and wonderful design, that is easy-care and low-water,looks *great* year round, makes me happy when I come home every day, and we have planned for the next phase (which will fix up the courtyard area).

From Dan’s site visit, to Robin’s visit with the drawings, to the super crew who came and put it all in with no problem (and believe me, this was not easy, rocks of three kinds and boulders, plus plants and trees, but they were awesome and did it in part f one day), to the follow up visits keeping all growing well—this company is fantastic. They really know their plants and are great to work with. I can’t wait to be able to do the courtyard. Maybe the back yard is next!

Anne Coldiron  -Tallahassee

We are so happy with our new yard and retaining wall. Thanks to the whole crew. We can’t thank Dickerson Landscaping enough for the work on our small yard. You all exceeded what we envisioned and we are so very happy with the results. The view leaving home and arriving home is breathtaking…this I kid you not.

We have never looked out the window so many times after arriving home, just to take the view in again. Mr. Dickerson, you are so appreciated on your knowledge of plants…especially the scientific names and it shows your passion for what you do. Thanks for restoring our yard.

T. Simmons  -Tallahassee

We have been very pleased with Dickerson Landscaping services. Crew 3 is always on time (weather permitting) and does a good job with the lawn. They have planted some plants and put in some sod in part of our yard. They are due to come back and complete the area where the sod is. The men in crew 3 are dependable. Thanks,

M. Wilkins  -Tallahassee

We hired Dickerson Landscaping about 8 years ago to deal with a tremendous erosion problem. Dickerson and crew under the supervision of Adam came in and for 3 months – laid french drains – put in a custom cut and designed stone retaining wall and then laid a slate walkway from one end of the garden to the other.

We now have a magical and secret garden in which to enjoy with our friends and family. Recently (within the past 4 months) we have started using Dickerson for our lawn maintenance and care. Our yard has never looked so good!! We get complements on how well manicured our yard looks.

Chris is our lawn care supervisor, he and his team (today – it was Ethan ) give us such a professional well cared for service each and every time. I finally feel as though I have found a business that truly cares and is a partner in keeping our lawn and garden in tip top condition. BRAVO for Dickerson and his well trained staff of Adam – Chad – Chris – 
Thanks guys

Michele Webster  -Tallahassee

Dickerson re-landscaped our front & back yard. Dan drew up a great plan which included a wall around the deck. Anthony & his crew did a great job and Adam provided supervision & fixed our sprinkler system. We love our new yard & so do all the neighbors. We have received numerous complements on how nice it looks.

Patrick Bowen  -Tallahassee

Dickerson Landscaping installed a retaining wall and patio at my house recently. It looks great! Everyone was professional from the sales staff to the men who installed it. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and outcome.

Katie  -Tallahassee

We have been working with William and his wonderful staff for over a decade trying to fix major water and erosion issues in our yard. We are pleased with the end result and have been referring neighbors with similar issues. I always enjoy seeing the friendly and responsive Crew #2 who shows up at our house every other Wed. They are GREAT….Mary

Mary Chiles  -Tallahassee

Crew 2 rocks! Ethan and Chris (and those who came before them) provide excellent customer service and do a fantastic job every time they are here. They always remember to close the gate so the dog doesn’t wander and never fail to tidy up the ‘wild’ area in the back. It always looks great! Thanks for a job well done in maintaining the glorious design William designed and installed almost ten years ago. We are very pleased!

Andrea  -Tallahassee

I appreciate so much Ethan’s helping us with a hornet infestation. He went to the trouble of explaining what they had done and what needed to be done as a follow-up. This is just another example of the helpfulness and professionalism of the Dickerson employees. By the way, I’m so sorry one of the crew was stung. Ouch!

Katie Simmons  -Tallahassee

Hello, Dan: A friend came to my house for lunch today. While she and I were sitting in the swing, a hummingbird came to the fire spike a couple of times. Oh, so much fun! The mosquitoes left us alone, remarkably, and we enjoyed the serenity of the garden. You truly designed a workable and successful plan. The camellia plants have new growth and are loaded with buds. I look forward to wonder and delight yet to come. My gratitude to you and your hardworking crew for a job well done! 

Diane Stuar  -Tallahassee

We have been very pleased with our lawn care. This is the third visit, this time by crew #3 on 9/23/09, and they continue to work on creating the look I have always envisioned for my property. Thank you.

Virginia  -Tallahassee

We have used Dickerson Landscaping for scheduled lawn maintenance for many years and have always found them to be dependable, courteous and efficient. Crew 3 currently handles our service, and regardless of who the members of that crew might be we always enjoy seeing them on the job. Our yard is the envy of the neighborhood, largely because of the efforts of Crew 3. Thank you. My wife especially likes the fact that the crew always blows off the patio furniture when clearing the patio.

James Cox  -Tallahassee

I would recommend the Dickerson Landscaping Company any day of the week. They were wonderful to work with from beginning to end. I’m what you call “horticulturally challenged”, so I needed something low maintenance but that looked high maintenance. The design process was wonderful.

They created a couple of different designs for me to consider, explained the different plants and what they required and then allowed me to make a few changes, making sure that the changes were still within my limited experience with plants. The crew actually came out a week earlier than anticipate and had the work done within a day and a half. My landscaping looks GREAT! I can’t wait to use them again when I do my backyard.

Thank you Dickerson Landscaping. You guys (and lady) are GREAT!!!

Reneé Roberts  -Tallahassee

I wanted to tell you what a great job your crew did in cleaning up our yard after Hurricane Hermine. Grace and I really think that the crew met a very high standard in doing the clean-up work. Our yard was a mess and now it is as if there had never been a storm. I know that your crew worked very hard to get our yard looking nice, and they certainly got the job done. We can’t thank you and your crew enough for the work that they did. 

While I am at it, I must also give you a long overdue thanks for the great job your team did in putting in our front walk way and the steps leading to our neighbor’s house. These two projects came out just fantastic. We enjoy the sidewalk and the steps everyday. We truly owe you a debt of gratitude regarding these two projects. 

I realize that our yard is a small one and that the sidewalk and steps were relatively small projects for you. Yet your teams put the efforts in to our jobs with just as much expertise and enthusiasm as they would have for any of your larger projects. We greatly appreciate that. Your teams do a great job, and that shows great leadership on the companies part. You have selected good people and they really do the job right for you.

Thank you so much for the great work that you have done for us.

Very Truly Yours, Alan


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