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I want to thank Dickerson’s for their rapid response and the very find job you did in cleaning up our yard after Hurricane Michael. The yard looks like new after the wonderful job your crew did on it. We really appreciate the work that your crew did.
— Alan D.

Creating beautiful artistry mixed with refined craftsmanship to develop harmony between Mother Nature and Mankind.

Lawn Care
You may select from one of our four lawn care tailored packages that will exceed your personal lawn care needs.

As Licensed Irrigation Specialists, we offer two different irrigation systems to maximize your landscaping needs.

With deep pleasure and satisfaction we proudly grow our own landscaping plants from the Eco-friendly nursery on our farm.

Here’s What Your Tallahassee Neighbors Are Saying:

Wowwwww... I *love* my new yard design. Dickerson Landscaping did a great job from start to finish. And this was a tough one, too. I am not wealthy, so I knew I’d have to plan for stages of work to be done. Well, they came through on every count: a totally creative and wonderful design, that is easy-care and, looks *great* year-round. This company is fantastic!!!
— Anne Coldiron - Tallahassee
Best lawn care/landscaping company in Tallahassee hands down. They have done work for me for several years now and never fail to impress me.
— John A.
I have used Dickerson Landscaping services for many years. They do maintenance work at my home, business, and also at my 82-year-old mother’s house. The quality of work is at the top. Their service has always been dependable and on a regular basis. The crew leader, Anthony, seeks feedback and is still happy to do the “little extras” with a smile. I have also used them for several hardscape projects at my home and business. Creative designs get executed precisely as planned. I am pleased with the work this company continues doing and has done for me.
— Kieth B.
Dickerson Landscaping has done an excellent job of maintaining my lawn at a resonable price. Thanks!
— Karen K.
Dickerson re-landscaped our front & back yard. Dan drew up a great plan which included a wall around the deck. Anthony & his crew did a great job and Adam provided supervision & fixed our sprinkler system. We love our new yard & so do all the neighbors. We have received numerous compliments on how nice it looks.
— Patrick Bowen - Tallahassee

Hummingbird Bush.jpg

If the sight of hummingbirds and butterflies dancing in your yard brings joy and excitement, then Florida’s native grown Firebush is the shrub you’ll want in your garden or when used as a base plant for large commercial buildings. Besides the flower’s nectar butterflies and hummingbirds sip, the small, black, glossy fruits on the plant are a continuous feast for birds too.

The Hamelia patens, (its scientific name; pronounced: huh-MEE-lee-uh PAY-tenz), from the family of Rubiaceae, is a native semi-woody perennial shrub of Florida. The Firebush has two other names: Scarlet bush and Hummingbird bush. It does grow fast and will reach 12 feet tall and 8 feet across. Though it is a dense soft-stemmed shrub, it doesn’t need support to grow.

How to care for a Firebush

The prime time of the year to plant a small, one-foot tall, Hamelia patens is early spring. By the following year, this woody shrub will be about five feet tall and growing. Throughout the year the Firebush will produce gorgeous orange-red flowers which attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Bug on a finger.jpg

If you hadn’t noticed already, you have bugs! Then again, we all do. It’s that time of year where all things creepy and crawly emerge, with oddly shaped wings and long legs, making buzzing noises and snapping their pinchers looking to invade our yards to feed their never-ending appetites.

That’s right it’s time to jump into action and pull out that pest control suit, shake up those aerosol cans, pump up that pesticide bottle, throw down the bait, and spread out the homemade bug killer concoctions. But, before you swoop down to save your Tallahassee yard from utter annihilation, let’s put the cape away and take a moment and look at five critical areas for easy insect management.

What are the five critical areas for easy insect management?

Every spring and summer we’ll get calls from new homeowners or commercial property owners about finding bugs in their…

Our Vision:

We strive to be the most creative lawn care and landscaping company in the South. We are recognized for our commitment to enhancing the balance between humanity and nature.

Our Mission:

The mission of Dickerson Landscaping is to enrich the beauty of the community in which we live through knowledge, creative power, imagination, and teamwork.

Our Goal:

The goal of our dedicated teams are to serve you and provide you with the most elegant Tallahassee home or business appeal you’ve ever experienced.

Dickerson Landscaping is known for designing and installing beautiful patios. When these projects end, there are small remnant lots of patio pavers left over.

With our dedication to recycling, we offer those remnants at a low price. Anyone is invited to buy a few pavers or the entire lot.

Now you can finally build that backyard fire pit you’ve been dreaming about or add a DIY small water feature to your garden. We have several colors and styles available.

Patio Paver Small Water feature

All pavers are Cash & Carry

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We are located at 12 Hayfield Spur Rd.
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At Dickerson Farms, we believe it is mankind’s duty to care for those who cannot speak for themselves. We have made it our mission to take in animals in need and give them a quite and peaceful home.

We have a place for chickens, goats, rabbits, you name it, no animal will ever get turned away or left behind. At Dickerson Farms we love all creatures great and small.

Another feature of our farm’s operation is embracing recycling, renew, reuse, and re-purpose as much waste as we can. That focus allows us to have ongoing projects. Currently we are building a large wall using recycled concrete to help create micro climates for the goats.

Finally, like all farms, we grow fresh vegetables and many types of plants and trees in our nursery garden. When you get a chance check out our farm. We are only minutes away from Tallahassee.