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Patios in Tallahassee

More than any other aspect of Tallahassee landscape design, hardscaping adds character to your home.

And adding character to your home is Dickerson Landscaping’s intent and goal. With deliberate purpose we strive to realize your home’s full potential, thus we use Tallahassee hardscaping to achieve an ideal patio design that manifests into a natural extension of your home. Ensconced amongst the natural setting of your property, from simple garden paths to the most expansive and artistically executed patios in Tallahassee, Dickerson Landscaping stands to create the hallmark of your home in designing an enticing interactive space that urges you onto the threshold that opens up to extraordinary visual delights.

By design, Dickerson Landscaping Tallahassee patios are destined to be the gathering place… with a cozy table for two or for the neighborhood barbecue. As such, we take into consideration your preference regarding sun and shade and your desire for privacy and entertainment to capture the true essence of your life and style. Fueled by the thrill in revealing that your home doesn’t end at your back door, we design intricate patios that bridge the inside living space to the great outdoors. Hardscaping in Tallahassee is essential in creating an outdoor living space that dreams are made of… your at-home getaway!


Choosing Paving or Construction Materials

The materials you choose for paving will depend on your budget and the style of your house and garden.

The choice of materials available for patio paving is constantly expanding. Brick and flagstone are traditional, but you can also use interlocking concrete pavers cut to different patterns, poured concrete, exposed-aggregate concrete, and pebbles and river stones set in concrete. A wide array of tiles and paving slabs with pre-molded patterns such as cobbles, brick, or crazy paving is available.

 You can combine different surfaces in a variety of ways.

For example, you might border a concrete patio with brick, and create a cobblestone design in the center. If you can add the color to the dry concrete mix, to the wet material before it is poured, or during the floating stage when the concrete is stroked with a trowel to settle the aggregate under the surface and float the cement to the top. A variety of paints, waxes, and stains suitable for concrete is available; you can use these if you decide to make a change once the patio has been poured.




Possible Paving Materials

  • Marble
  • Brick with herringbone pattern
  • Hammered paving stones
  • Precast concrete pavers
  • Precast concrete pavers
  • Irregular flagstone
  • Random stones
  • Cut flagstone
  • Cobblestones
  • Bluestone


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