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Flower of the season

 The Russian Sage The Russian Sage

Do you love perennials or what? Who doesn’t love a flower that comes back every year? They are great, especially when there is hardly any maintenance aside from a haircut and some fertilization every now and then. Sage is a great flower to plant but many of the varieties we see for sale are annuals. If you don’t want to replant them every year, try the Russian Sage. It grows up to 4′ tall and 3′ wide, has silvery grey green leaves, and tall purple spires. It looks awesome planted as a hedge but will die back in the winter! Russian sage loves living in our zone (8b), loves full sun, blooms mid summer to fall, is not needy when it comes to water, although ours is fine with excessive rain!

Hazardous trees

What makes a hazardous tree? When the tree has a target! With the hurricane season now upon us, be sure to reduce your risk of property damage by having your trees professionally pruned. This helps to prevent the tree canopies from acting like sails in high winds and possibly up-rooting. Correct pruning not only creates a healthier tree it vastly reduces your risk of losing that tree to the storm, or worse, having that tree fall on your home or vehicle. Prevention is always the best course of action


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