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Dickerson Landscaping installs & services lawn irrigation systems for homes & businesses.

There used to be a saying in Tallahassee that you could set your clocks by the afternoon thunderstorms that typically rolled in every day from the Gulf.  Our area had reliable annual rain fall and lawns and gardens benefitted accordingly.  But drought-like conditions over the past years have rendered maintaining healthy green lawns and gardens a guessing game of when, where, and how much water your yard needs.

Well, put away those old lawn sprinklers, roll up the cracked garden hose, and forget about running outside every 30 minutes to move the Oscillator to another section of lawn!  An in-ground lawn irrigation system is the reliable way to ensure the year round health of your landscaping.


Dickerson Landscaping, known for our creative drainage solutions and water features, is also a Licensed Irrigation Specialist.

An Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System not only protects the investment of an attractive landscape, they also help save time, water, and money.   Today’s systems are reliable and easy to use, with state of the art equipment that takes the guess work out of watering.

The heart of an in-ground sprinkler system is the valves, which open and close to allow water to be distributed from the system’s pipes to the watering components.  We use high quality valves which are easy to install and service, requiring less maintenance and providing long lasting reliability.

If valves are the heart, then the control center is the brain of a sprinkler system.  Ours are easy to use, and allow the homeowner (or business owner) to program watering times so that the right amount of water is delivered at the optimum time.   Solar components, which sense weather conditions and won’t allow the system to water during a rain storm, are also available.


Since every landscape is different, our experts design a layout specific to your property and topography.

Specialty nozzles and rotors complete the lawn irrigation system. Some sprinkler heads deliver small amounts of water right at plant roots, some are capable of spraying back and forth over areas from 15 to over 160 feet.  Since they are precisely targeted, you save water – and money – with minimum runoff and waste.    The spray heads retract into the ground when not in use, so mowing won’t damage them.

When we finish installing an irrigation system, your Tallahassee lawn and landscape will thank you for it!


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