Can Paver Patio Reduce Your Landscape Maintenance?

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A large landscape area on your property is a beautiful sight for any Tallahassee or Leon County homeowner. Your property looks deep and spread out. That vast space gives you many options when planning or creating outdoor events or spaces for relaxation. 

However, if it’s just one huge open area of turf, not used, you know the high cost involved in keeping it well-maintained. Our Dickerson Landscaping & Lawn Care team recommends if you want to lower maintenance costs, consider using paver patio to reduce those expenses.

What Are The Advantages of Less Maintenance?

When you decide to give up sections of your landscape to reduce your maintenance costs, it will still look beautiful if the design is well-planned and the right hardscape features are added. The four benefits you get when giving up some of those ongoing maintenance chores are:

  • Less weeding
  • Less watering
  • Less fertilizing
  • Less mowing

When you get to do less of those tasks, you save on lawn care products, routine maintenance, and less time on your landscape’s upkeep.

Introducing Paver Patio

Paver patio is a durable and long-lasting landscape feature. It has many joints as an interlocking concrete pavement. The pavers are not prone to cracking, making them a strong alternative when designing your new landscape area.

At Dickerson Landscaping, we’ve seen firsthand how a plot of sod transformed into an exquisite eye-catching landscape after the paver patio installation. Once a flat area in the yard, the homeowner could now use it for outdoor gatherings and entertaining guests. 

Don’t Forget To Add Your Borders

After the patio paver installation, you begin by adding border features. Some of the best add-ons are native trees and shrubs. Along with that beautiful look and feel, the native plants will thrive year-round.

Another significant benefit, adding shrubs is all the green textures you’ll see, bringing depth to the area. And, of course, shrubs have different colored blooms. That leads us to say, shrubs that flower attract ecosystem-friendly guests: butterflies, birds, and bees who help keep your property healthy.

Top It Off With Colorful and Decorative Pots

All across Tallahassee and Leon County, we see different colors throughout the year. For instance, in the spring, we see yellows, pinks, purples, and blues. But, in the fall, it’s browns, reds, and greys. To keep up with the seasonal color changes, place brightly colored pots with blooms and greenery to accent your paver patio.

By selecting annuals, which traditionally last for a season, you already know when those flowers will start to droop and whither. That lets you plan for the upcoming seasonal color changes and the type of plants you’ll need to pick next.

As you scope out your property, looking to reduce landscape maintenance costs, consider a paver patio, native plants, and colored posts. Those options will boost your landscape’s appearance and give you alternatives when relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Are You Ready To Reduce Landscape Maintenance?

Helping homeowners and property managers reduce landscape maintenance costs has become a Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care mission since 1987. From nursery to finished landscapes, lawn care, and irrigation, our team of specialists can answer all of your questions. Contact us today for more information!