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Paving the way

What would you do if there were a crack in the earth, the ground you walk on, pay taxes on? If it happens to be your patio or sidewalk, consider our perspective if it’s cracked or broken up, don’t just look to fix it, seize the opportunity to improve it with pavers! Paved patios and walkways not only add a new dimension of interest to your home, but increase the value of your property. Broken and/or cracked concrete is ugly and it can also be hazardous. Repairing damaged concrete is costly, impossible to match, and difficult to re-pour, whereas pavers are easy to use and offer myriad possibility in regard to color and design. Whatever you want to do increase the size of your patio or even take it up and move it pavers make it possible and beautiful! Best of all, pavers don’t crack. Especially not the ones we install. We guarantee it!

Light up your life

Fire pits are fantastically simple and affordable ways to add a focal point to any property. They are that necessary ‘spark’ for any great landscape design and they can also be that hidden gem in an isolated location. Whatever your surroundings, these fire pits add undeniable delight to any event as well as provide private contemplation. What is even more appealing is the price. Several pre-designed and manufactured fire pits are now available from a variety of hardscape vendors which has dramatically reduced installation labor costs. No longer are we spending hours cutting wall blocks to size on site, they’re simply delivered and assembled in half the time. Of course, we still like to add our craftsmanship flare for fire pits created from irregular shaped natural stone, but bang for buck cannot be understated for these newly affordable options. In the design world, form follows function! You pretty much know what function a fire pit serves¼ but you may be surprised how we will craft a fire pit space to compliment your landscape to the excitement of all! Call today to schedule a consultation and receive $50 off any fire pit installation we’re contracted to install.

Stay green with Tallahassee

Summer is in full swing and your yard isn’t tired looking yet! But unless you take proper precautions rest assured it will be under attack by fungus, bugs, and heat stressing your lawn to death!! Come to the rescue by putting out a mild organic fertilizer within the next couple of weeks, and take care to water in the morning but not too long. In addition, add some bright flowers to your beds to keep it looking alive and fresh. A little fertilizer, H2O, and color will ward off the dying, wilting, and browning effects of a long, hot summer!! 


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