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Hammock Breeze:

The Basic Lawn Care Experience


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The Hammock Breeze

The Hammock Breeze is our most basic Lawn Care Package.
It includes the following:
  • Mowing all turf areas
  • Edge all plant beds & hard surfaces
  • Blow off all hard surfaces of lawn debris
  • Chemical weed control in bed areas only
    (All contracts require a minimum of 26 visits a year...Every two weeks.)

Know-how and consistent care are required for basic lawn maintenance.

Dickerson Landscaping has what it takes to meet the growing needs of your property! The Hammock Breeze package from Dickerson Landscaping’s Lawn Care services is designed to provide you with solid, reliable, service to meet your lawn care needs. Since 1987, our committed lawn care crews have been improving Tallahassee neighborhoods one yard at a time. Sit back and relax with our Hammock Breeze package and know that your lawn is covered.


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