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Why we leave the dead stuff

You may have noticed that our maintenance crews are not pruning off the dead leaves left behind by the winter cold, well its protection. Protection! you ask? Yes, you see the winter frost kills tropical or exceptionally watery plants back to the ground. This happens when the ice expands in the plant cell and it explodes the surrounding tissue, much like a soda left in the freezer. Ok so what does that have to do with the dead stuff being left? We leave the dead stuff because it acts like a blanket and if you cut it away the next frost will now form on new or unfrozen parts of the plant killing it, so we leave it. Ever asked yourself why trees

lose their leaves? It is nature working much for the same way. The leaves fall to the ground form a blanket, insulating the roots from the cold and snow that is soon to fall thereafter. While that may not happen much here in Tallahassee, we still get killer frosts. If you still want the material removed call us and we will schedule it for you.

Plant of the month

Long Leaf Pine. Once the staple of the lumber industry this stately tree has built many of a home in the 19th & 20th century. It is far stronger than its cousin the Slash Pine and is an essential part of the North Florida Ecosystem. Did you know it is the only tree the Red Cockaded Woodpecker uses to build its nest. It seems many creature use this tree to make their home.

Did you know?

We have four types of consultations:

Landscaping Design Consult: This is for clients who are looking to make changes in their landscape and have lots of questions. High Maintenance versus Low maintenance plantings. What types of trees or shrubs to plant? Where is the best place to plant them? How far apart and so forth.

Drainage Consult: This consult is geared toward accessing the water concerns of your property whether they be drainage or erosion. Then evaluate different solutions and determine possible budget costs of those solutions .

Irrigation Consult: Installation and best practices for your future or current irrigation system. (water conservation = cash conservation) This consult is a real saver, not only in water but also electricity. If you’re running your system to often it can be costing you in more ways than just a soggy lawn.

Safety Consult: This is our newest consultation. With Crime on the increase what message are you sending to unwanted thieves? We walk you through your property and point out ways you can make your home safer for you and your family. This is not an attempt to see you a security alarm but just smart things that you can do and maintain so not to me so enticing to a would be thief.


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