Building A Garden Pond In 5 Steps

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Over the years, some of our Dickerson Landscaping clients have asked us about building a garden pond. Most want to change their landscape, add something unique, or seen one and picture having this decorative piece on their property. The best part, garden ponds are popular, never go out of style, but more importantly, they are a great stress reliever.

If that sounds like you, and you want to install a garden pond yourself, we’ve put together five steps to follow. Before digging a hole, lining it, and adding water, are you wanting fish or plants or a mixture of both in the pool? You’ll also need to determine the size, shape, and depth of the pond you want.

Step 1 – Location of Your Pond

The location of your garden pond is crucial. The ground must be level, away from trees, and needs plenty of sunlight. The last location requirement is an outlet for your electric pump.

Step 2 – Liner or Prefab

With garden ponds, you have two choices. You can use a liner or a prefabricated option. The liners have different grades with shorter lifespans. Prefabs are easier to install and maintain.

Step 3 – Pond Installation

Once you have measured and dug the hole, inspect the cavity for any debris. You want that area clear to avoid any damage to the pond’s bottom. That ensures a longer life for your pond.

Step 4 – Decoration

With your pond installed, it’s time to add your favorite decorations. For a natural appearance, we recommend plants and rocks. If you have fish, use overhang plants to give them shade.

Step 5 – Pump and Filter

The final step is to install your pump and filter system. Place your pump in the water connected to a garden hose. Your filter is set in front of your pump to push water through the filter.

What Else Should You Know?

Those are the five basic steps to installing your garden pond. Before you begin digging, there are a few other things you need to know. For instance, do your plans comply with local building codes or your homeowner’s association guidelines?

If not, you want to double-check these details before you begin. That includes checking with your local utility company for underground plumbing, electrical, or telecommunication equipment below the surface.

Need Help Installing a Garden Pond?

Installing garden ponds for homeowners and property managers is what Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care have been doing since 1987. From nursery to finished landscapes, lawn care, and irrigation, our team of specialists will answer your questions. Contact us today for more information!