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Spring is in the air¼ THANK GOODNESS! After all the rainy, cold weather it looks like we’re in for a beautiful and bountiful season! If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to spring into action and get your yard summer time ready with some good spring cleaning! Compare your to-do list with ours and let us know your thoughts: Clean gutters, pull weeds, remove dead leaves, prune dead wood, sand down and/or clean patio furniture, pressure wash (anything and everything nailed down!), scrub the grill, stain and/or paint fence, barn, shed, etc., mulch, plant bulbs (try planting a few bulbs each weekend for staggered growth and prolonged enjoyment), plant peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, clean out bird bath and feeder and refill. To help you started on your yard work straight away and just in case your vehicle is looking like a yellow submarine from all the pollen in the air, be among the first 3 people to respond (via email) to this newsletter and William Dickerson himself will give you a free light car wash!

Patience is a virtue

A healthy, properly fertilized, mowed, and irrigated lawn will typically out compete most weeds, however, some degree of weed control is often required to supplement even the best cultural practices. Some weeds can be chemically controlled after they have emerged. Others, particularly grassy weeds, are better controlled pre-emergence. To control the weeds in your lawn before they emerge, you need to know where they are and what they are. You then need to select the right product and to apply it at the right time. Chad Holiday, our turf & science lawn maintenance supervisor can assist you in these matters. We strongly encourage that you D.I.Y applicators wait until your grass has naturally come out of dormancy and received at least two cuts at the correct calibrated height before you apply any 15-0-15, 50% slow release nitrogen, fertilizer to your grass. A soil test is recommended so only nutrients that your grass requires are applied. This prevents excess chemicals leaching into our groundwater and polluting our Natural Lakes & Springs. In general, after the Dogwoods and Azaleas have finished blooming in mid-April, is the time to consider fertilizing for spring!

All hands on deck!

Before the heat of the summer sets in and we move into yet another rainy season, you need to check out the condition of your deck and if your deck has a slippery surface, there’s a good chance you have mold and/or mildew build-up. If so, be prepared to pressure wash and seal your deck to:

1. Protect your deck investment.

2. Beautify your deck.

3. Extend the lifespan of your deck.

Luckily, decks are low maintenance, requiring only pressure washing and sealant (as needed) for years of use and enjoyment!

Herbal Essence

If you love fresh herbs, you can plant a productive herb garden in minutes and enjoy it all summer long. Herbs are easy to grow, don’t need a lot of space, thrive in just about

any type of soil, and many are cold hardy. Herbs can be used for cooking, fragrance and landscaping. They grow well in containers, too, making them ideal for patios, decks

and balconies. You can buy herbs as seeds or as small transplants. Annual herbs can easily be started from seed because they germinate and grow quickly. Some perennials— thyme, chives and oregano — can be started from seed, but if you need only a few plants, it’s easier to simply buy the plants, especially for planting in containers


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