4 Lawn Care Tips to Protect Your Tallahassee Landscape

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4 Lawn Care Tips That Help Protect Your Tallahassee Landscape

Growing a vibrant, luscious green lawn year after year in Leon County can take years to perfect if you don’t know the secret. That’s what we discovered when speaking with many Tallahassee homeowners and property managers. Each, struggling to produce the appearance they wanted but eventually calling Dickerson Landscaping for help.

To help you get the best-looking lawn you deserve, with top-notch protection, you must always follow a proven and well-designed process our tips will describe. Doing so guarantees a fantastic-looking landscape—the only exception; Tallahassee lawns with excessive and extensive turf damage. If that describes your property, contact us today for assistance.

Cutting Your Lawn

Only cut your grass once a week, and never keep it overly short. Trimming the grass two or more times a week will damage the blades of grass. This first tip is crucial. Not following it could be costly to repair and damage your lawn permanently.

When you want a vibrant lawn, longer blades are better and allows the turf to look fuller and greener. When it’s time to mow your grass, adjust the mower’s blades higher. That ensures your grass won’t get cut too short. By mowing your lawn once a week, it stays healthy, longer.

Managing Lawn Weeds

Let’s look at lawn weeds. There is no property in Leon County that is immune to these native nuisances sprouting up in our yards. We all get them. The golf courses get them, Cascades Park, each University, even the Governor’s mansion gets lawn weeds on their property.

That also means your property will get them too. To stop the lawn weeds from growing and spreading, you need to understand that the weed’s end is vital to its development. When mowing and that end gets chopped off, eradication of this invasive plant begins.

Watering Your Lawn

In Tallahassee and across the Panhandle, we commonly experience prolonged droughts or excessive rains periods. You have to watch for those patterns and expect these changing weather conditions throughout the year, especially during hurricane season.

We have found that providing supplemental watering once a week, early in the morning, late afternoon, or early evening helps maintain a healthy and vibrant appearance. The lawn’s root system gets the needed moisture and sinks deeper into the topsoil.

Mulching Your Lawn

Believe it or not, leaving those lawn clippings behind after you’ve mowed is some of the best mulching material your lawn could use. Those grass clippings carry vital nutrients that could easily feed your turf and boost its growth cycle.

Instead of gathering up and bagging those grass clippings, take a rake and spread those blades across your yard. Better yet, if you had a mulching lawn mower or mulching attachment, it could do the job quicker as your mowing the property.

Need Help Protecting Your Tallahassee Landscape?

Protecting Tallahassee landscapes has become a Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care mission since 1987. From nursery to finished landscapes, lawn care, and irrigation, our team of specialists is available to answer your questions. Contact us today for more information!