Your Ultimate Tallahassee Garden Experience Could Be a Fountain

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There’s nothing more soothing and calming than that oasis-feeling you get from garden fountains.  These sprays are comforting, and beautiful elements found in landscape garden designs. Any time you’ve seen a world-class garden, online or in photos, most often it has a fountain in its background.

Whether it is in Rome, Versailles, Dubai, or Cascades Park, the world over, everyone understands the beauty, relaxation, and meditation fountains bring to any garden, yours included. Nothing achieves that more than a body of water in motion.

Fountains come in all shapes and sizes

Today, there are different kinds and new designs of garden fountains getting created daily.

From indoor to the outdoors, from floor to wall, from tabletop to a pedestal; you can find them in virtually every setting, from natural to human-made.

If your home is extensive or you have a massive piece of land, fountains are created and particularly exquisite in ponds and lakes. On smaller multiple, simple backyards fountains or pool fountains are made and quite attractive.

How to pick the right style garden fountain for your home

  • Contemporary – stainless, slate, or perhaps a fountain sculpture that is also a work of art is a superb choice. Cascading, free-standing or flat wall fountains of a basic “tablet” design are naturals for contemporary homes.

  • Eclectic (combines many styles and bold colors) – copper and granite would make excellent decisions. Mosaic is additionally charming with this style residence.

  • Asian (Feng Shui) – Bamboo, ceramic, slate or stone, would all look splendid, and there are numerous specific styles for Asian designs that will flawlessly complete the exotic look and feel of your fountain.

  • Traditional – Classic style fountains of resin or stone are splendid for conventional homes. Tiered garden fountains or wall fountains with scrollwork or 18th-century style designs with lions or gargoyles, for example, look undoubtedly great with traditional homes. Greek mythology or Italian themes are additionally perfect.

Choosing the kind of fountain for your Tallahassee garden is just as vital

Before choosing your fountain, there are a few things to consider first. Like how automated does it need to be, what type of wiring and plumbing is necessary, and any other details you’ll need to know. Garden fountains must be built ideally on potent, steady, and level ground. It is prudent that you contact a landscape design specialist first to ensure your spray complements the surrounding area.

The designer will show you what precisely is required to keep and maintain your fountain. They will explain common issues with basins, rough water flow, potential causes of sinking, etc. They will also recommend watching for and preventing algae, and how to drain the water and clean the fountain thoroughly, along with refilling it and proper care and regular spray maintenance.

In Conclusion

Regardless what your space, the style you desire, or the budget you’ve set for this addition, nothing mentions style, sophistication, and serenity more than a garden fountain.

Your garden, by itself, is undoubtedly a gorgeous place. However, there is no oasis ever complete without a water fountain. They add beauty and charm to its surroundings, while seamlessly drawing natural appeal to the water flowing from it.

At Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care, we specialize in garden fountain design and proper spray management. When you’re shopping around for these services, contact us today. Our fountain specialists are ready to take your call.

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