What Can I Do With The Edging In My Tallahassee Garden?

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The edging around your Tallahassee, Florida garden, if designed just right, could magnify the garden’s image the same way a unique frame does for a picture.

A photo is exciting to look at, but display it in a gorgeous, handcrafted frame, and it brings it to life, so it is with your garden’s edging.

Your garden is essential, and your edging around your landscape plays a significant role in keeping it looking beautiful. Today’s Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care column offers some creative ideas to frame your garden.

Did you know garden edgings comes in many forms?

Many homeowners prefer to use something substantial and permanent for their garden edging. Items such as a low brick wall, or rocks fastened together with mortar. Then there are those, that place bricks, end to end, in a simple line or stacked them in multiple rows.

However, another attractive edging alternative is to decorate short lengths of wooden boards with old floor or shower tiles. When gluing old tiles, choose a brand of outdoor glue to ensure it sticks to the board.

Next, tack a wooden peg, on each end of the board, with one end pointed. That pointed end gets pushed down into the soil. That way, your board is kept off the ground and gives the board plenty of support. Check local recycling places or tile companies for old ceramic pieces no longer useful.

How about shrubbery or flowering plants to create your living border.

When choosing a plant or shrub, you do need to consider climate, drought, hardiness zone that will be suitable for your garden. The Creeping Phlox is an attractive border. Dividing and planting it again and again, is possible.

Gazanias are another hardy border plant that is capable of being divided many times. Bulbs might seem like the right choice. However, they do hibernate and remain dormant for a minimum of six months or more, leaving your borders with a messy appearance. Not to mention, if you choose to plant anything else there, there is a higher risk of damaging the sleeping bulbs.

If you have a more extensive garden, comfrey is a plant to consider when used for edging. Its dense growth habitat will prevent any grasses intruding into the garden, and the leaves can get pulled for excellent mulch around roses or other plants.

If you don’t want to overwhelm your tiny garden with dense plants, try this.

In a small garden, attractive annuals like pansies, petunias, violas or sweet Alice make great borders. However, try your hand at adding an herb border. Chives have a crisp green color that would make your garden sparkle while strawberries will entice you to try your home-grown healthy snack.

Some people prefer to bevel an edge around their garden with the shovel. That is a good option if your lawn has the sort of grass with runners. To keep the runners under control, use the edge of your shovel to chop them off as needed.

Whichever edging option you select, it will make your garden look stunning to view. For more edging ideas on creating a border for your garden, contact us today at Dickerson Landscaping, and Lawn Care.

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