What Landscaping Tools Should I Get?

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Here at Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care, customers are always asking us what landscaping tools we recommend homeowners get.

If you are an avid Tallahassee or Leon County do-it-yourself landscaper, then having the right landscaping tools are a must, and your yard work becomes more comfortable to do.

With today’s article, we’ll cover the most common tools we recommend any homeowner or do-it-yourself landscaper get to use for their basic landscaping and gardening needs.

The crucial thing to remember, “Use the right tool for the right job.” That guarantees that you have everything you need to keep your home’s landscape and lawn in great shape, without beating you up or wearing you out.

What are the most basic landscaping tools to get?

At the very least, you should have a rake, hand cultivator, shovel, and trowel. We would consider these a home’s essential and necessary landscaping implements. Your landscaping projects become more natural to do with these tools.

Rakes smooth out garden beds and prep the ground before you lay any sod. Shovels, of course, are great at digging holes but are especially handy to use when you turn the soil or have to remove any grass. As for hand cultivators and trowels, these are the tools you’ll use when the job requires more detailed work.

What tools are used to improve plant and tree appearance?

Our recommendation is good old fashion pruners and shears. You’ll discover with pruners and shears, your trees and plants will have a neat looking appearance. They are used to assist with the overall health of your plants and keep hedges and trees from invading other areas.

One thing to note, when it comes to pruners, there are three types for three different pruning tasks. Hand pruners are for cutting small branches, loppers are for thicker branches, and pruning saws are for more substantial and more robust branches. Hedge shears get used for trimming hedges to maintain its look and shape.

A lawnmower and weed eater are a must-have.

It goes without saying, a lawnmower and weed eater are needed to keep your grass in shape. With a lawnmower, the grass is kept at a reasonable and consistent level and height. Mowing regularly keeps the lawn groomed and healthy looking.

Along with the mower, there is the need for trimming lawn and walkway edges. That’s where the weed eater steps in to keep the lawn’s borders clean and neat. When the edges get trimmed regularly, it tightens up the yard’s appearance.

What’s better than a bucket?

A wheelbarrow, of course! A wheelbarrow is an extremely versatile tool for the homeowner or avid landscaper. If you need debris moved, just load it up in the wheelbarrow. Need to move some dirt from one spot to another? Take your shovel and fill up that deep tray, and then haul it away.

With a wheelbarrow, one person can carry a single load instead of using a bucket for multiple trips. If you’re a dedicated landscaper, get a wheelbarrow and put it in your landscaping arsenal. You won’t regret it.

Let’s not forget maintenance and safety

A tradesman takes great pride in their tools, as well as excellent care, and why they last for many years. That is why proper maintenance of your tools is just as vitally important. You want to keep them in tip-top shape, so when you have to use them, they will perform as designed every time.

Now that we’ve provided you a brief overview of the most basic landscaping tools to get, do remember to read the manufacturer’s recommended user instructions. All it takes is misusing a tool one time, lack of proper maintenance, or carelessness and someone gets injured. So, please be careful!

At Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care, we specialize in complete landscaping and lawn care grooming. If you’re shopping around for landscaping or lawn care services, contact us today.

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