What Should I Know Before Buying a Garden Leaf Blower?

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Are you like most, wanting to save yourself time in the garden when it comes to picking up fallen leaves?

Well, you are not alone and why more Tallahassee and Leon County homeowners and property managers rely on garden leaf blowers.

It is less time-consuming, and back-breaking compared to pulling out that garden rake to gather up all those fallen leaves.

If this is your first time buying a leaf blower, they are pretty straightforward. You have a high-speed fan encased in a cover.

On the side of the fan, tubes are connected and will pump out air at high speeds. Some landscape leaf blowers are handheld, and others come with shoulder straps.

What do I need to consider first?

Before you buy, look at the size of your garden or yard and your exposure to fallen leaves. If the area is small, and you do not have any trees or bushes, then a garden leaf blower may not be a wise decision. However, if your landscape is vast and you want to keep your property always looking clean, then investing in a garden leaf blower will save you time and money.

Do garden leaf blowers come in different shapes and sizes?

The answer to that is, Yes! There are small one-hand leaf blowers and larger professional-grade models which get carried on your back using a harness. If you suffer from neck or back problems, consider getting one with a harness.

The harness model distributes the load evenly taking most of the weight off your arms and shoulders. To reduce any vibration level look for ergonomic handles and harnesses that reduces strain on your arms, hands, and shoulders.

Do yard leaf blowers only move leaves?

You might be surprised to learn; there are two groups of garden leaf blowers: those that can blow and collect leaves, also known as leaf vacuums and blowers which only move leaves. With a leaf vacuum, it can suck up grass and hedge clippings, trash, small debris, and then you empty what you collected into your garbage can.

Another feature some leaf blower/vacuums have is for mulching. If you have any mulched lawn debris, it can get vacuumed up and used in compost piles or bagged for disposal. Most of these blower models convert easily from blowing mode to vacuuming. When you’re considering a model with the ability to move leaves or vacuum them up, you’ve created yet another great time saver for yourself.

Should I go with electric or a gas-powered blower?

Choosing between an electric or gas-powered unit comes down to your preference! Do you live in a busy neighborhood where a more silent operation would be appreciated? Or is your yard massive with lots of trees, making a powerful unit the only real option? Gas blowers are more powerful, but electric ones are quieter. The engine should be sturdy and easy to start if you choose a fuel model.

How much does a garden leaf blower cost?

Depending upon the garden leaf blower models you’re currently researching, the prices will range from as low as $60 for handheld units but can go as high as $800 for commercial models. Choose a model that best fits your price range with the best selection of features you’d want.

Whichever garden leaf blower model you select, it will make your garden or yard look clean every time. For more leaf blower or vacuum assistance, contact us today at Dickerson Landscaping, and Lawn Care.

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