How To Enhance Your Tallahassee Garden With a Fountain, Pond, or Aqua Features

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A great way to bring your Tallahassee garden to life is to add water features. More precisely, a fountain, pond, aqua features, or a mixture of all three.

These eye-catching add-ons bring a certain appeal and calming to your yard.

Many folks feel, and we’re sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on a rocking chair or bench next to your garden, listening to the sounds of trickling water flowing down the sides of their fountain.

Or maybe it’s the sound of air bubbles bursting on the surface of the water from the ornamental fish you stocked in your pond.

In any event, putting in a fountain, pond, or aqua features is not hard, maintenance level is minimal, and will add a certain charm to your garden.

What types of water features should you choose?

Water features get designed in numerous ways. It can be as intricate as a waterfall gushing into a fish pond with a fountain or as modest as a tiny reflecting pool. With endless options to select, it’s hard to know the best choice to make.

To remove any uncertainty, here are four basic categories of water features to remember easily;

  • Ponds

  • Fountains

  • Waterfalls

  • Streams


Within the PONDS category, you’ll have four primary types of ponds. There is the fish ponds, ornamental pools, reflecting pools, and water gardens. Each will have specific criteria to meet to ensure your water feature remains healthy and vibrant. As for size, shape, or depth, the only restrictions is the amount of room you’ll need. Let’s go ahead and review each.

  • Fish Ponds

Fish ponds are always a conversation piece. Most visitors are looking in trying to guess what types of fish you stocked in the water. Familiar fish favorites are the Koi and Goldfish. These fish types have vibrant colors, and it’s fun to watch them swimming around. Do remember though fish, even in a pond, still, need care and monitoring.

  • Ornamental Pools

Ornamental ponds highlight true-to-life shapes and edge treatments, similar to what you’d find in gardens and parks. Many homeowners favor the natural look and feel by adding an Ornamental pool near their patio or deck. These pools are usually designed around an ornamental piece, like a gushing fountain, spurting statue or a water bell fountain.

  • Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools in a garden, are designed as a decorative and the central feature. You’ll often notice the walking surfaces, with overhanging edges, have formal, geometric shapes around the perimeter. To add an artistic feel that strikingly reflects in the glassy surface of the water, you’ll generally see them near gorgeous landscapes.

  • Water Gardens

Water gardens, commonly called aquatic gardens, are living water features that date back to ancient Persian and Chinese gardens. When you look around the inside, and outside perimeter of the pond, you’ll immediately notice the lush natural setting. There will be overflowing aquatic plant life, displaying vibrant colors and textures.


There is something genuinely stimulating when it comes to fountain water features. The sound of falling water splashing against itself, or the refreshing, yet weightless mist carried across the air from the cool evening breezes. The fountain water feature comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures you can choose from or have created. The only limit to a fountain’s creation is one’s imagination.


Waterfall features add sound and emotional depth. That downward flowing aquatic motion stirs up feelings and adds vitality to a unique water feature made of natural stone slabs or boulders. Many who hear those splashing water sounds get deeply moved. Symmetrically, waterfalls bring a vertical dimension to the landscape and will capture your interest from a distance.


Streams bring it all together and connect each piece of the four basic categories of water features. Streams are natural filters and used to sustain the entire ecosystem of all the water features in use. They are designed to flow into waterfalls or gush into a pond all while meandering along paths, walkways or even pool decks.

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