5 Must-Know Tips For An Attractive Tallahassee Landscape

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There is no question when you ask any Tallahassee homeowner if they want their property to look beautiful all year. Without a doubt, they do. However, when they decide on doing the landscaping themselves, and it does not turn out as expected, they hate how it looks and feel they’ve wasted a lot of time and energy, and then turn to us. If you want to avoid landscape frustration, then follow these five Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care tips, and you’ll always have an attractive piece of real estate.

What you should know about your soil

When you purchase any plant, the soil it’s transplanted to is crucial to its longevity. The reason for that is some plants will flourish in soil with more acidity, while others will not. Additionally, sandy soils and clay soils will impact individual plants differently and whether or not they will thrive in your landscape’s setting. If there are plants you want in your yard, but the ground is not ideal, then improving the soil is your first step.

Know how much space each plant needs

Plant spacing is vital and determines whether your garden thrives or not. Some plants, due to their very nature and root system, will require more room than others. If you choose one plant type, say a Southern Wood Fern, that tends to grow everywhere; you must ensure there is enough space between it and the other plants that will get planted next to it.

Unfortunately, some vegetation, like the Southern Wood Fern, will stunt the growth or choke-out other plants when planted to close. The same applies to shrubs and small trees, which typically get spaced three to four feet apart.

Native plants increase the beauty of your real estate

One of the most overlooked types of plants or flowers for an attractive landscape are the native plants. Native plants are vegetation that grows naturally in a region and not brought into the area from a different part of the country or world. When incorporated into the landscape scenery, they will beautify a yard beyond belief and remain robust throughout the year.

There are two vital pieces of information you’ll want to gather regarding native plants:

1) You want to look for native plants or exotic flowers that grow best in our area

2) You want native species that are indigenous to the Tallahassee and Leon County region

There is a big difference between the two, and knowing ahead of time if the plants or flowers you chose will quickly adapt to its surroundings will eliminate having to replace them later in the season because they could not acclimate.

A quick note about non-native plants: Before you buy any exotic plant, you do want to check if these types of plants or flowers share our areas’ climate and can quickly adapt to seasonal rains and extended droughts. If they cannot, they will either wilt or die, and you will be replacing them before the end of the season.

Spread wood chips around the base of bushes, trees, and shrubs

When wood chips get spread around the base of bushes, trees, and shrubs, it beautifies the landscape and is a real eye-catcher. By design, the chips present openness and a clean look and feel to the garden. That blanket of chips you laid permits each plant to stand out and look vibrant, and you can’t help but take notice.

Besides covering the surface, the wood chips act as a natural barrier, keeping in needed moisture, hinders weed growth, and is a natural food provider as each chip piece breaks down. Standard chip colors are Gold, Brown, Green, Red, Rose, Black, and Natural.

Consider planning your landscape design around different blooming times

As you well know, flowers and plants bloom at different times of the year. Some during the Spring, others in the Fall. To avoid having all your plants or flowers blossoming at the same time each year, select plants that bloom in different seasonal stages.

For example, the Blue Agapanthus starts blooming in late Spring and early Summer. Look for a plant or flower that starts to blossom either late Summer or early Fall. Furthermore, consider having bushes and shrubs that look good and beautiful being green year-round. With that foliage mixture and landscape planning, the look and feel of your property will remain attractive each season and for many years to follow.

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