Hurricane Tips


1. Leave low lying areas

These low lying areas are often hit the worst due to flooding and storm waves. During a flood debris can move quickly and do some serious damage.

2. Stay in a secure room

With winds potentially reaching 90 mph, it is extremely important to keep yourself in a safe and secure room

3. Stay away from windows

While our first instinct is to watch the storm as it goes through our area, windows are the first thing to break when those winds are ripping though. Also, flying debris has an unpredictable path.

4. Stay updated on the storm

Check in on the current status of the storm using your smart phone or by watching the news. If those are both out, try tuning into a battery operated radio and tune into the NOAA channel.

5. Keep supplies on hand

Driving is extremely dangerous during a hurricane. Make sure that you have supplies on hand: Flashlights (and proper batteries), candles, ready to eat food, and bottled water.

6. Remain indoors

This may seem like an obvious, but don’t try to capture the storm to become the next twitter sensation with your video. And remain indoors when the eye moves over your area because the storm will resume shortly. 


Stay safe folks!