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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Lawn Care

Do I need a Tallahassee lawn care service?

Attaining and maintaining a beautiful lawn requires more than mere mowing and watering. A locally owned and operated professional lawn maintenance service, familiar with the unique challenges of the area, can help guide you as to when it’s best to treat your yard resulting in a well-maintained, healthy and vibrant lawn.

What results can I expect from a lawn care service?

From most services, they will do anything to keep you satisfied. They will guarantee to help you grow a beautiful, healthy lawn. In the hands of reputable, trained professionals you can expect to see your lawn become a showcase for nature’s beauty!

How do I know my lawn is getting what it needs?

When it comes to lawn care, very often what you see is what you get! Good lawn care equates to no brown, dark spots and no dying plants! If your lawn looks good…flowers are blooming and the color of the grass is an even shade of green…it’s most likely getting what it needs.

What are the benefits of regular lawn care?

Professional service comes with trained experts with a plan designed specifically for your lawn! Making sure your lawn gets the correct fertilizer at the right time, and applying the appropriate insect control products while monitoring your lawn’s progress are some of the many benefits of having regular lawn care. In addition, whether you’re at home or our of town, you have the confidence and peace of mind that your lawn care is in capable hands.

Isn’t it more cost effective to do it myself?

If you’re an expert gardener, knowing when to prune, fertilize, water, and apply weed control…then yes! Most of us, however, do not and you must consider that the industrious kid down the road doesn’t either (nor is he bonded and insured). Professional lawn care experts save money on products and equipment in knowing that lawn products work best when applied correctly. Their knowledge and expertise saves you money!

Will a Tallahassee Lawn Care company help me help my lawn?

Most definitely! if you’re familiar with the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”… you know the same applies to keeping your lawn thick and beautiful! Proper watering and mowing is required to maintain your lawn between scheduled service visits and if you have any questions or concerns you have your expert lawn technicians available to help you

How do I determine who is qualified to take care of my lawn?

A reputable lawn care service will make their credentials available to their customers before they ask for them! For your confidence, it is important to get a list of trade affiliations, and a host of references. It is equally important that the lawn care service you select understands what you expect of them and that they can fulfill those expectations.

FAQ: Landscaping

What is landscaping?

A landscape is a natural environment that is designed by people or nature. The art of landscaping is the deliberate changing of existing natural features in order to personalize it and make the environment more attractive. In eighteenth century England, landscaping was considered an art form as much as any other. Today, landscaping is considered essential to enhance the at-home experience.

What makes a good landscape?

A good landscape can be described as being pleasing to the eye while practical to maintain. No matter the current state or dimensions of your property, the goal is to make it an outdoor extension of your indoor lifestyle. Whether you like to sunbathe, swim, play tennis, barbecue, work, done in the shade, or simply relax…with careful planning you can achieve both beauty and practicality designed to cater to your personal taste and preference.

Why do I need landscaping?

Practically speaking, along with adding aesthetic value to your property, landscaping increases your property’s work to varying degrees depending upon what you have done. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, landscaping can optimize the many benefits of being at home.

What are some of the benefits I can expect from landscaping my property?

Besides adding value to your home, there are numerous benefits to landscaping your property…it all depends on what you want our of your home. If you want additional space to entertain family and friends, or you want to create a cozy reading place, you have the option to get a custom deck or patio that allows you to do just that. If it’s color you’re after, you can add a myriad of flowering shrubs and trees that color your property brilliant! If there’s an area that muddies your shoes, you might want to consider a paver walkway or retaining wall (also adding interest and dimension) to your property. Regardless, when you custom landscape, along with increasing your properties value, you optimize the at-home experience to the enjoyment and betterment of not only the inhabitants of the property, but the neighborhood as well.

What can a professional landscape company do that I cannot?

Service options at landscape companies vary from company to company. As such, a landscape company may or may not offer softscaping (grass, shrubbery, trees and flowers), as well as hardscaping (pavers, decks, and/or water features). It is important that you are aware of what a company offers to determine a realistic expectation of them. Additionally, like any expert of any given field, a professional landscape company offers to determine a realistic expectation of them. Additionally, like any expert of any given field, a professional landscape company offers expertise and know-how that the average layperson lacks. If you are looking to make long term improvements to your property, chances are you need at least the advice, if not the services of a professional landscaper. Regardless of services rendered, the education alone can save you considerable time, effort and money.

What kind of results can I expect from a landscape company?

If you’re looking for top notch quality…look for the more established landscaper in your area and inquire about the services they offer. The best way to ensure that you have chosen the landscape company that best suits your needs, be specific in conveying what you’re looking for…even the most experienced and capable landscaper requires your input to achieve satisfactory results. So, keep in mind that the more effectively you communicate what you expect, the more likely you are to get it.

What can I expect to pay to landscape my property?

The cost of landscaping your property will vary depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Whether you’re looking for shrubbery, and other types of greenery or a new patio, deck or water feature, you know will have material and installation costs. It’s important to ask your landscaper directly, “Are there any issues, known, or unforeseen, that can affect the cost.”

How do I know whether or not a landscape company is credible?

Whether or not a landscape company is credible is revealed in the quality of work they do. Before settling, ask around. Research the yellow pages and make calls. Visit show rooms and websites of the various landscaping companies in your area and check out the services they offer. In addition, check out the Better Business Bureau in your area, as well as the internet to see if there are any complaints on file. Before you make your final decision don’t be afraid to ask for references.

FAQ: Design

Why do I need to employ a landscape designer?

There are many benefits to employing a Tallahassee landscape designer, including having trained experts at your disposal who are familiar with the challenges of the area. Supplying you with a custom, comprehensive survey and site plan, design specialists select the right plants and designate them to the right place on your property…saving you time, effort and money. Moreover, professionals make excellent sounding boards for your ideas and stand ready to enhance vision with their knowledge and expertise.

What makes a company qualified to design landscape?

The qualified design company offers the following: experience in interior/exterior design, and architectural design. Experienced and knowledgeable in all matters regarding horticulture including plant identification. They will be familiar with municipality regulations, as well as cultural practices specific to your region and affiliated with such groups as FNGLA & AFNN. Keep in mind that being qualified does not necessarily mean a company is best prepared to meet your needs. In order to find the appropriate landscape designer for you it is important to do your homework. Research websites…check out the work they produce. Read testimonials and references. Request a consultation (be prepared to pay a nominal fee for a consultation…professionals will expect to be paid for their expert advice as well as their valuable time) with the landscape designer that you have the most confidence in to create a custom design for your property.

I’ve chosen the landscape designer, what happens during the design process?

Before getting to an actual design, a professional landscape designer will meet with you on your property for a consultation to clarify your desires and specifications, during which he secures necessary photographs and measurements of the area. As result, the designer will create a not-to-scale, simple black and white sketch of a proposal with a list of recommendations. Upon your agreement the designer will begin to create your custom design, at which time it is reasonable to expect to submit the full cost of the design. After the design is drafted it goes through a series of reviews (to make sure the design is developing accordingly), ultimately culminating in a design presentation. During this ‘show-n-tell’ hour (or so), the designer will show it to you, define its’ parameters, and include a proposal with an itemized contract (according to your budget) of all the items featured within the proposal.

What will my design look like?

Ideally, you are looking for a plan that incorporates all your specifications on paper. Initially, computer graphics are used during the design process to save time and ease in editing during the review stage. Ultimately, from the professional designer you can expect a full color, detailed, to scale plan of your property with the suggested recommendations.

What if I don’t like the plan?

The professional landscape designer knows, of course, that the end result of any design is subject to more than your review, but your approval as well. Hence, the designer is prepared to make changes, alterations and accommodations accordingly.

What is required of me during the design process?

During the design process you are expected to schedule time for the designer for consultation and review. Other than being prepared to cover the cost of the design, communication is key to ensure that your custom design results in a plan that satisfies your specifications. The landscape professional will encourage you to be forthcoming and involved in the process throughout. Be sure to tell the designer what you’re looking for. Share your vision (including pictures, drawings, etc.) with the designer. Inform the designer of your likes and dislikes. Let our designer know your budget. Foremost, ask questions. If there is something you don’t understand, whether it pertains to plants or options…ask them!

Ok, I have my design, what now?

Congratulations! You have your design, now the installation process begins!

FAQ: Installation

After I secure a design, when can i expect the installation to begin?

The professional landscape installer will estimate your installation start date to be within 30 days of securing your design. This, of course, depends on the time of bookings, and other influencing factors. In the meantime, the professional landscape company will be ordering relevant parts/materials and taking the appropriate measurements (including windows and other openings) in preparation of your installation. Regardless, it’s good to ask the project manager for the start date so you have a general idea.

Is there anything I have to do before the installation begins?

If you are part of a homeowners association it’s a good idea (and sometimes mandatory) to inform your HOA and make your plans available for review. As far as readying your property, first and foremost you will need to clear out the area of the work site (i.e. furniture, tools, planters…whatever impedes the workers ability to install your project). You will also need to make other arrangements for your children and pets if the project area is one that is normally frequented by either.

Is it safe for my kids and/ore pets to be outside during the installation?

It’s safe to have your kids/pets outside during the installation process as long as they steer clear of the work area. Heavy equipment and sharp tools make it a less than ideal environment for children and pets could cause delays in project completion. Therefore as a general rule, it is best to keep children and pets away from the installation area altogether while work is in progress.

Will the installers follow a set schedule?

As a general rule, unless otherwise specified, you can expect professional installers to work on your project every day from 8-5 until project completion. This schedule is subject to change rather, in the event of inclement weather and other unforeseen issues.

What can I expect during inclement weather?

During inclement weather, it is reasonable to expect the installation team to most likely reschedule until the next clear day.

If I have any questions or concerns with whom do I address them?

The professional installation team will have a team leader, otherwise known as a project manager. it is best to address all concerns, comments, and/ore questions directly with him/her.

How long should my installation take to complete?

Installation time varies from project to project; depending on many variables including what type of project is being installed. The project manager is able to give you the most accurate forecast regarding project completion.

During the installation process, what, if anything, could affect the cost of my project?

Unforeseen circumstances can affect the final cost of your installation )i.e. buried stump that needs removal, etc.). It is reasonable to expect that any such issues could result in a change order.

When should I expect to pay for my installation?

Unless otherwise specified, it is customary to submit payment upon the final inspection of your installation. As a general rule, the project manager will present you with an invoice at this time.


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