Is Your Tallahassee Lawn Ready For Another Hurricane Season? (2019 Checklist Update)

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Living in Tallahassee, in recent years, we’ve all experienced some extreme weather conditions together. For the past 18 years, you and I have been through 7 tropical storms and 4 hurricanes that impacted Tallahassee and Leon County directly.

Not only did the heavy rains and high winds devastate our homes and businesses, but it also wreaked havoc with our yards, gardens, and lawns from the fallen debris left behind.

With only two weeks left before the 2019 Hurricane Season begins, the job of preparing your lawn for the upcoming weather is easy to do. Below, we here at Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care have created three simple steps for you to review and implement as you prepare your yard for this upcoming hurricane season.

How to prepare your lawn for hurricane season?

If you’ve been through your fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms, you know it’s not the initial storm which causes the most damage. It’s the debris left behind that the wind picks up and throws across the yard.

Besides the fallen trees or broken utility poles, quite often items left behind and not picked up and put away before the hurricane hit, do the most extensive damage to a lawn or yard. When implementing each step below your chances of lawn damage are reduced.

Step 1.

  • To avoid tree branches from landing on your car or house prune all dead limbs.

  • Inspect your home’s rain guttering that they are securely attached and cleaned out.

  • If you recently had new trees planted, check the stakes. Are they driven deep into the ground?

  • Assess your yard for any items that can be placed in the garage or shed until the storm passes.

  • Put away all liquids, chemicals, sprays, and fertilizers.

Step 2.

  • Locate, inspect and clear every drainage area.

  • Remove and store any yard tools, patio furniture, and yard decorations.

  • Take down hanging potted plants or sitting pots and bring them inside.

  • If you have tall plants that are movable, then lay them down.

  • With all fruit trees and vegetable gardens, pick off the produce.

Step 3.

  • Turn the main water line off of your irrigation system.

  • Inspect all irrigation sprinkler heads to ensure they are safely secured.

  • Unplug any extension cord used in your yard or garden for lighting or heat.

  • Have Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care mow and edge your lawn before the storm.

  • If your property has culverts for storm-water drainage inspect and remove any foreign objects.

All items listed above can damage your lawn and garden as a result of a hurricane, and the high winds and torrential downpours that will follow once the storm passes. The best part about Tallahassee and Leon County is that we will know several days in advance when a storm is about to hit our area. That will give you plenty of time to review Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care’s checklist and take swift action.

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