How Do I Choose a Tallahassee Landscaper to Fix My Yard?

You’ve recently purchased a Tallahassee home, and you’re all moved in, or maybe you’ve been at that residence for many years. All you know the time to address your home’s exterior landscape is now. What you see looks okay…but…what you envisioned your property to look like really needs a landscaper’s golden touch to take it from ho-hum to WOW!

So, how do you choose a landscaper to fix your yard and bring your vision to life? In today’s column, we’ll cover how to select a landscaper, your budget, your specs, and a whole lot more.

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What Should I Know Before Buying a Garden Leaf Blower?

Are you like most, wanting to save yourself time in the garden when it comes to picking up fallen leaves? Well, you are not alone and why more Tallahassee and Leon County homeowners and property managers rely on garden leaf blowers. It is less time-consuming, and back-breaking compared to pulling out that garden rake to gather up all those fallen leaves.

If this is your first time buying a leaf blower, they are pretty straightforward. You have a high-speed fan encased in a cover. On the side of the fan, tubes are connected and will pump out air at high speeds. Some landscape leaf blowers are handheld, and others come with shoulder straps.

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What Can I Do With The Edging In My Tallahassee Garden?

The edging around your Tallahassee, Florida garden, if designed just right, could magnify the garden’s image the same way a unique frame does for a picture. A photo is exciting to look at, but display it in a gorgeous, handcrafted frame, and it brings it to life, so it is with your garden’s edging.

Your garden is essential, and your edging around your landscape plays a significant role in keeping it looking beautiful. Today’s Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care column offers some creative ideas to frame your garden.

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Mr. D's Plant of the Week Series: The Yarrow Plant

From protecting newly hatched birds to being toxic to dogs, cats, and horses; stopping the flow of blood from a wound to a gorgeous mass planting, the Yarrow plant, is a friend to some, foe to others, and grows naturally right here in Tallahassee and Leon County, Florida.

The Achillea spp., (the Yarrow’s scientific name; pronounced: ack-ill-LEE-uh species) and also called Achillea millefolium, from the family of Compositae, is a native herbaceous of Florida. The perennial is known to grow as tall as 3-feet in height and its spread from 2- to 3-feet across. It’s a phenomenal plant choice for a border; edging; ground cover; or mass planting projects.

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What Landscaping Tools Should I Get?

Here at Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care, customers are always asking us what landscaping tools we recommend homeowners get. If you are an avid Tallahassee or Leon County do-it-yourself landscaper, then having the right landscaping tools are a must, and your yard work becomes more comfortable to do.

With today’s article, we’ll cover the most common tools we recommend any homeowner or do-it-yourself landscaper get to use for their basic landscaping and gardening needs. The crucial thing to remember, “Use the right tool for the right job.” That guarantees that you have everything you need to keep your home’s landscape and lawn in great shape, without beating you up or wearing you out.

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3 Things to Consider Before Gardening With Used Containers

Like many, you’ve probably dreamed about having a garden in your backyard. After all, it is a fantastic thing to step outside and garden whenever you want. However, what if you don’t have a yard, but you do have some extra space, were given plants to transplant, and can get your hands on some used gardening containers? What should you know?

Some Tallahassee residents will often call asking for alternative ways they can garden, due to the lack of gardening space. That’s when we might recommend container gardening. Container gardening is fantastic. All you need is a terracotta pot, summer bedding, and some green-fingered expertise and wah-lah, you just created your very own mini garden-scape.

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Mr. D's Plant of the Week Series: Garden Chrysanthemum

From its humble Chinese beginnings as a culinary herb for table salads and brewed for herbal teas, the Garden Chrysanthemum, would one day gain royalty status from Japan. Not to mention, it was also believed to contain the power of life. With its showy and classy looking colorful flowers, this perennial has been known to bring any landscape back to life.

The Dendranthema x grandiflora, (the Garden Chrysanthemum’s scientific name; pronounced: den-dran-THEEM-uh x gran-dif-FLOR-uh), from the family of Compositae, is not a native of North America. The perennial’s origins are native to Asia and Northeastern Europe. The other names the Garden Chrysanthemum is known by are Garden Mum and Florists' Chrysanthemum.

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