Lawnmower Blade Maintenance Tips for the Tallahassee Do-It-Yourselfer

The secret to getting a perfect lawn cut every time starts with your mower’s blade. If you always want a great looking lawn, then a sharp, well-balanced lawnmower blade is a must. A dull one, on the other hand, will cut, but it will shred the tips of your turf, and the lawn will look uneven.

After a few days, those ragged ends can turn brown ruining the appearance of your grass, even worse the damaged tips become entry points for disease. So, you’ll want to inspect your blade at least once a year. However, if you are mowing where the conditions are sandy or on rough terrain Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care recommend inspecting your blades at least once a month.

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Is Your Tallahassee Lawn Ready For Another Hurricane Season? (2019 Checklist Update)

Living in Tallahassee, in recent years, we’ve all experienced some extreme weather conditions together. For the past 18 years, you and I have been through 7 tropical storms and 4 hurricanes that impacted Tallahassee and Leon County directly. Not only did the heavy rains and high winds devastate our homes and businesses, but it also wreaked havoc with our yards, gardens, and lawns from the fallen debris left behind.

With only two weeks left before the 2019 Hurricane Season begins, the job of preparing your lawn for the upcoming weather is easy to do. Below, we here at Dickerson Landscaping and Lawn Care have created three simple steps for you to review and implement as you prepare your yard for this upcoming hurricane season.

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Irrigation Lawn Care for a Healthy Tallahassee Yard. (Questions & Answers)

Providing proper lawn care for your Tallahassee yard doesn’t end with fertilizing, mowing and edging. In fact, in our previous article Did you fertilize your Tallahassee lawn too soon? we touched on the importance of irrigating your yard when you find fertilizer burn patches.

However, in this article, there is more to discover about watering your lawn than merely turning on a hose for a few minutes. Below we’ve provided the answers to the top three irrigation lawn care questions Dickerson Landscaping, and Lawn Care get asked.

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Mr. D's Plant of the Week Series: Southern Wood Fern

A Southern Wood Fern brings classic beauty to any garden. All around Tallahassee and Leon County you’ll find this Florida native in yards, flower beds, front and back porches, along most canopy roads and densely wooded areas.

The Dryopteris ludoviciana (its scientific name; pronounced: dry-OP-tur-iss loo-doe-viss-ee-AY-nuh) patent-leather-like green foliage does have a shiny appearance and can grow up to 4 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide. Other names it’s known by are Southern Shield Fern and Florida Shield Fern.

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