Add a small water feature to your backyard garden.

pavers waterfall

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of gently flowing water. An easy addition to any backyard, to make it your very own paradise, is a small water feature. It could be a bubbling pond or soft waterfall… Water features can also be a way to attract birds, dragonfly, and butterfly to your backyard haven!

HGTV has some great ideas for building beautiful, small water features for your garden or yard:

Dickerson Landscaping designs and installs beautiful patios. This means we have small remnant lots of patio pavers left over from installations. We offer these remnant pavers for a very low price - buy a few, or buy them all depending on what creative use you decide to create!

View what we have available here:

Build your own backyard fire pit or add a DIY small water feature to your garden. We have several colors and styles to suit your purpose.

Planting fall strawberries - yum!.

Strawberry plant

"Strawberry Fields is anywhere you want to go."— John Lennon

In home gardens, Florida strawberries can be planted in the fall, September through early November. The cooler tempuratures and shorter daylight hours are needed to produce fruit. Strawberries can be planted in raised beds or any sort of container boxes and placed to receive 8 hours of sunshine. Fruit production will not be constant, but will come in two to three cycles.

Just think of the sweet taste of strawberry shortcake, or maybe a strawberry daiquiri, on a cool February afternoon made from fresh or frozen strawberries from your our garden. Your friends and family in the colder climates would be very jealous!

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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Home with mowed lawn

Fall in Florida, tempuratures are still warm, but the days are getting shorter, the sunlight has a lower intensity, and as cooler tempuratures move in lawns become slower growing. This is a good time to prepare your lawn for the coming winter months.

The recommended time frame for a fall fertization, September, is about to come to an end. Don't worry if you missed your chance, when spring comes around you can fertilize and your lawn will grow in vigorously.

This is a good time to look for sod webworms. During this time of year they can be very distructive, leaving your lawn with little time to recover before winter dormancy. Watering and excess nitrogen can also cause fungus disease in your lawn. Water your lawn early in the day so moisture can evaporate from the leaves.

For more information on how to survive the coming chill or keeping your lawn looking greener over winter follow these links: or

Hens and Chicks! Succulents add a unique twist to your gardening.

Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks



Succulent plants offer a unique addition to gardens and landscaping. Because of their growing habits, succulents can be used as an attention getting focal point or tucked in unsuspecting spots - hopefully provoking an ‘Oh, wow!” from friends and visitors. 

Because Florida does not have a truly dry season, care needs to be taken to plant succulents in well drained, sandy areas. The versatility comes to bear when you plant succulents in containers; terracotta pots, pots with unique shapes, and/or bold colors. Soil conditions are easier to monitor and maintain if succulents are grown in containers and have the added plus of being able to bring the containers indoors during the cooler months for a fresh summer feel. 

Succulents can also be grown in pockets on rock walls, rock gardens or on stone waterfall features. You can mix and match succulents in the same container, plus they are easy to propagate. Succulents are a fun addition to any garden or landscaping, easy to care for, and come in a wide variety to suit your personal taste and needs. 

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Photos credit: Keri Leymaster & Thomas Wright