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Nursery Laborer

Apply with us today by filling out our application after reviewing the job description & requirements. 

In order to keep our application process consistent, please refrain from calling or visiting our offices at this time. We will contact you after we review your application. Thank you. 

We are interested in individuals who work well with others and are motivated by a job well done (and put forth the effort to keep things their best) will excel in this position! Creative; you are eager to learn and improve yourself and your environment and conscientiously apply your keen abilities in support of Dickerson Landscaping expectation for excellence.

Company Policy and Procedures

  • Understand and abide by company procedures

  • Learn procedure through instruction, examples, and training

  • Arrive on time and ready to work by 7:30 a.m.

  • Demonstrate good attendance/schedule days off ahead of time

  • Dress with appropriate attire and carry personal PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Job qualifications

  • Transportation to & from Office

  • Able to take directions 

Physical Demands

  • • Ability to work outside in all types of inclement weather conditions

  • • Ability to work, stand, dig, squat, stoop, and bend 100% of the day

  • • Ability to lift 50 pounds

  • • Ability to work flexible hours & overtime

Mental Demands

  • • Ability to work effectively under pressure

  • • Ability to meet minimum qualifications on basic skills exam

  • • Ability to learn basic plant functions

  • • Ability to follow instructions with minimal supervision

Key Performance Indicators

Education: We will have monthly training seminars & testing for improvement.

  1. Excellence: Complete all training & score in the 90s on all tests.

  2. Minimal Standard: Complete all training seminars & score at least an 85 on all tests.

  3. Failure: Miss any training & score below an 85 on any test.

Neatness: Employee is expected to keep the shop, yard, & truck clean.

  1. Excellence: Takes initiative to see that everything is clean & organized.

  2. Minimal Standard: Keeps personal area clean. Cleans yard & shop.

  3. Failure: Any of the following are dirty or unorganized: truck, shop, or yard.

Team participation: Employee must be team oriented. Needs to keep clients & crew informed.

  1. Excellence: All clients are informed of progress on their property.

  2. Minimal Standard: Empowering crew members to deal with client issues during job progress.

  3. Failure: Missing deadlines on schedule. Failure to execute daily communication between team members & clients.

Punctuality: Employee need to be on time each day & ready to work.

  1. Excellence: Employee shows up 10 minutes early and is prepared for work. Doesn’t call in & is never late.

  2. Minimal Standard: Employee shows up to work on time.

  3. Failure: Employee fails to show up on time, calls off, or is not ready.

Dress code: Employee must show up dressed in appropriate clothing according to the dress code in the employee manual.

  1. Excellence: Shows up daily ready, in a clean uniform & is well groomed.

  2. Minimal Standard: Employee shows up ready & in a clean uniform.

  3. Failure: Employee is not in compliance with dress code.