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Micro Irrigation

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Thinking about getting a Micro Irrigation System for your Tallahassee home?

There are a few things you may want to know first.

There are some definite advantages and disadvantages to having a micro irrigation system. Micro Irrigation systems are much less expensive to install than a hard irrigation system. They are smaller and easier to install since they require much less digging. Micro Irrigation systems are also Florida Friendly in its application since they apply far less water and put the water directly on the root zone of your plants. As a result you will save when it comes to the water bill or electricity bill each month. Another advantage is you can go “faux rock less”, meaning you won’t have to worry about how to hide that ugly back-flow device since micro irrigation systems don’t require the installation of a back flow valve.

Now, if this was the total story why would anybody install a hard sprinkler/irrigation system in their Tallahassee home? Well on the down side micro irrigation systems are temporary at best. Their smaller plastic parts do not wear as well over the long haul and they become brittle in the natural sunlight.

So there are some things you can consider before diving into a micro irrigation system.


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