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We are so fortunate to have iris, magnolias, amaryllis, impatiens, gladiolus, roses, salvias, petunias, purslane, and yuccas to brighten our lives. Summer will be here soon enough and we will quickly grow accustomed to the warm weather and flowering gardens of Tallahassee. While we still recall the long cold winter, savor the hopeful message of May. 

Say it with flowers

Flowers have long been used to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Consider the following, so you can decide what your yard has to say before your Tallahassee garden says it for you!

Iris: Faith, Wisdom, Valor, Your friendship means so much to me

Ivy: Friendship, Wedded love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection

Magnolia: Dignity, Splendid beauty

Amaryllis: Pastoral poetry, Pride

Azalea: Fragile and ephemeral passion

Gladiolus: Strength of character, “I am really sincere”

Petunia: Anger, Resentment

Pansy: Thoughtful recollection

Daffodil: Emblem of renunciation or regardThe essence of life

The essence of life

Irrigation is essential to plant and lawn health and now is the time to get your irrigation checked before it gets too hot and you get too bothered to do it! Here’s what to look for: broken heads and pipes (due to cold weather), proper water coverage of your plant material, accurate watering times and at the right time of day.. Be sure to adjust heads so you are only watering things you should. 

Fertilize with care

Homeowners, if you are fertilizing your own yard, it is vital to use caution when it comes to how much and how often you use fertilizer. Florida is now beginning to research proper usage of fertilizer and as a result, task forces are beginning to enforce laws that have already been changed in 15 counties. Over fertilization causes many negative effects on the environment. 


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