Dickerson Landscaping offers two different irrigation packages.

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when considering installing an irrigation system in Northern Florida and Tallahassee.

A good rule of thumb when installing irrigation heads is to dig the line about 12 inches deep. This will allow for the irrigation head to be on level with the ground. This is a more aesthetic appearance and it also protects from the heads becoming damaged. 

Another tip is to make sure that your coverage is even. If it is not, your irrigation system will either over-water or underwater. The obvious aspects of under-watering is that your lawn/plants are going to become malnourished. This weakens the plants immune system and prevents future growth as well. Over-watering from an irrigation system can be just as devastating. This can lead to fungus and other diseases that can and will destroy your lawn/plants.

Use quality products. Cheaper materials cause more problems and require more maintenance, which leads to a higher water bill and maintenance/replacement costs.


Valve box assembly

Sprinkler head assembly

Disclaimer: In Tallahassee it is common to hear someone refer to an irrigation system as a sprinkler system. These are the same things so don't let that confuse you!