Brick Mason

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– A minimum of 2 years of Masonry experience.
– Must have experience with planned drawings, laying brick, block, pavers, natural stone, blue stone, culture stone, etc.
– Comfortable running crews.
– Strict and efficient execution within set deadlines.
– Ability to support the estimation and materials acquisition processes.
– Understanding of brand integrity and personal responsibility.

Responsibilities associated with the job:

Lays building materials, such as brick, structural tile, and concrete cinder, glass, gypsum, and terracotta block (except stone) to construct or repair walls, partitions, arches, sewers, and other structures:

  • Measures distance from reference points and marks guidelines on working surface to lay out work.

  • Spreads soft bed (layer) of mortar that serves as base and binder for block, using trowel.

  • Applies mortar to end of block and positions block in mortar bed.

  • Taps block with trowel to level, align, and embed in mortar, allowing specified thickness of joint.

  • Removes excess mortar from face of block, using trowel.

  • Finishes mortar between brick with pointing tool or trowel.

  • Breaks bricks to fit spaces too small for whole brick, using edge of trowel or brick hammer.

  • Determines vertical and horizontal alignment of courses, using plumb bob, gauge line (tightly stretched cord), and level.

  • Fastens brick or terracotta veneer to face of structures, with tie wires embedded in mortar between bricks, or in anchor holes in veneer brick.

  • May apply plaster to walls and ceiling, using trowel, to complete repair work.

  • Cleans working surface to remove scale, dust, soot, or chips of brick and mortar, using broom, wire brush, or scraper.

  • May be designated according to material used as Cinder-Block Mason (construction); Concrete-Block Mason (construction); Terracotta Mason (construction); or work performed as Bricklayer, Maintenance (any industry).

  • May be designated: Block Setter, Gypsum (construction); Hollow-Tile-Partition Erector (construction); Plaster-Block Layer (construction); Silo Erector (construction).

  • Performs other related duties as required.

  • Educational and Other Requirements:

Proven masonry experience required.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $16.00 /hour

Job qualifications

  • Transportation to & from Office

  • Valid Florida ID & License

  • Complete training program according to schedule.

Physical demands & working conditions

  • Occasionally required to stand; walk; sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands & arms; stoop, kneel crouch, or crawl; talk or listen.

  • The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.

  • Occasionally exposed to wet and/or humid conditions; moving mechanical parts; spraying chemicals; outside weather conditions.

Key Performance Indicators

Education: We will have monthly training seminars & testing for improvement.

  1. Excellence: Complete all training & score in the 90s on all tests.

  2. Minimal Standard: Complete all training seminars & score at least an 85 on all tests.

  3. Failure: Miss any training & score below an 85 on any test.

Neatness: Employee is expected to keep the shop, yard, & truck clean.

  1. Excellence: Takes initiative to see that everything is clean & organized.

  2. Minimal Standard: Keeps personal area clean. Cleans yard & shop.

  3. Failure: Any of the following are dirty or unorganized: truck, shop, or yard.

Team participation: Employee must be team oriented. Needs to keep clients & crew informed.

  1. Excellence: All clients are informed of progress on their property.

  2. Minimal Standard: Empowering crew members to deal with client issues during job progress.

  3. Failure: Missing deadlines on schedule. Failure to execute daily communication between team members & clients.

Punctuality: Employee need to be on time each day & ready to work.

  1. Excellence: Employee shows up 10 minutes early and is prepared for work. Doesn’t call in & is never late.

  2. Minimal Standard: Employee shows up to work on time.

  3. Failure: Employee fails to show up on time, calls off, or is not ready.

Dress code: Employee must show up dressed in appropriate clothing according to the dress code in the employee manual.

  1. Excellence: Shows up daily ready, in a clean uniform & is well groomed.

  2. Minimal Standard: Employee shows up ready & in a clean uniform.

  3. Failure: Employee is not in compliance with dress code.