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Basic Landscaping

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Basic Landscaping Position

Dickerson Landscaping, known for cultivating and beautifying the Tallahassee area, is looking to add quality members to its landscaping team. If you enjoy working outdoors and are genuinely interested in building, crafting, planting, digging, and enhancing outside living spaces, then we’re interested in you!

Criteria necessary for the job :

  • Reliable transportation to the main Nursery near Lloyd , FL (8 miles east of Tallahassee)
  • Valid FL Driver License in good standing
  • Capable of functioning in variable outdoor conditions
  • Capable of following instruction and directions
  • Capable of using landscape materials such as shovels, rakes, weed eaters, etc
  • Able to do physical work and lift objects over 50 lbs

Individuals who understand the concept teamwork and are eager to learn and conscientiously apply their abilities in support of Dickerson Landscaping’s expectation for excellence are what we are looking for in this position.

Responsibilities associated with the job:

  • Alter the landscape by using physical effort to transform the land
  • Load and unload trucks daily of supplies and tools
  • Excavate and plant trees, shrubs, and ground covers
  • Construct things out of wood and block
  • Install pavers
  • Participate in training sessions and complete tests


If you are applying for a position with Dickerson Landscaping please keep the following values in mind. If you don’t consider them important, please do not apply!

– Commitment: We expect you to be committed to the company’s endeavors

– Integrity: Stand behind that which you make or build

-Teamwork: Work with others to accomplish a single goal

-Ownership: Make right which you have broken and be proud of the results when finished

-Education: The means to add value to oneself.

-Community: Improve the environment we are a part of and live.

-Consistency: Provide the same level of effort as we did yesterday and again tomorrow

Dickerson Landscaping is looking to hire someone with a caring and responsible attitude. If you do not have any experience directly related to this field, tell us in your cover letter, why you want to work for us and what you like about working outside, and we will take that into consideration. We also will take into consideration “Loyalty” (how long you have worked at any one job.) Loyalty is important to us and if you have a history of only working 3 to 6 months at a job we will most likely look over your application. Lastly, we are looking for people with strong observation skills and the ability to handle details, which is why we mention this last. If you have read to this point, chances are you are more detailed oriented than most, so please start your cover letter with the phrase “Details are important to me” and we look forward to hearing from you. If you do not have a cover letter with this phrase in the beginning we will know you did not read to this point.

Our base of operations is in Lloyd, Florida near Tallahassee. Please look at a map or Google to familiarize yourself with its location in relation to where you are.

Thank you!

A Current Driver’s License is a must for this job. Please do not apply if you don’t have one.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $11.00 to $12.00 /hour


Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday



12 Hayfield Spur
Lloyd, FL 32344